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Here at Ionas Flower Girl we offer a one to one service to help you say your final farewell with a beautiful display


Casket & Crosses

These floral arrangements are specifically designed for the adornment of the casket.  The traditional style of adornment is most popular however other varieties and custom adornments are available on request.

Casket Sprays from £135

Crosses from £90

Letters & Names from £45 a letter

 Letter tributes are often given by close family members or friends. They can have spray headings or be completed massed in flowers, names nicknames or even single letters

Cushions, Wreaths & Posies

These tributes tend to follow suite of the Casket Spray in regards to colours and flowers used and are often given by small children, close friends  or distant relatives as a mark of respect.

Cushions from £120

Wreaths from £40

Posies from £40

Hearts from £90

Teardrops £50

Specialised  Tributes

Bespoke adornments are completely individual; they are a touching tribute to celebrate your loved ones life.

Theses tributes can be in relation to hobbies, pastimes or interest. 

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